Absolutely loved Rhythm Junction last night – not being able to dance much reminded me just how much I love listening to the band. And what a band! The jam at the end totally made the night.

Minnie Young

A huge thank you for such a fun and enjoyable night at Rhythm Junction! I can’t remember the last time I got so hot and… er, glowed from so many crazy fast, crazy silly, daft and dizzy dances. THANK YOU to all my wonderful leads. Every dance a winner.

Nikki Santilli

This was an epic night. When Down for the Count plays, you know you are in for treat! Excellent ability to entertain not only ears but also dancers! The whole dancefloor was packed with dancers. What can be better? That was an epic night and you should cry if you missed it!

Don Mazonas

Huge Kudos to Down for the CountĀ for putting on a great festival – Rhythm Junction LondonĀ seemed to be a great success. Thanks guys.

Simon Whiteside